Our Approach

‘Our business strategy is to identify and revitalise underperforming property assets, generating enhanced cash flows, thereby driving asset value.’

Headed by founder and CEO, Julian Rooth, and chairman, Richard Cotton, we have a reputation for being a shrewd judge of market cycles and have a track record of delivering outperformance from both conventional and more challenging assets. Our current assets under management exceed £250 million.

We have established successful partnerships in all sectors of the real estate market with both institutional and private equity investors. Now, with the substantial financial backing of ICG-Longbow, we have committed capital that enables us to consider a range of opportunities.

We have had considerable success investing in property owning operating businesses. Examples of driving operating cash flow have included running a hotel, a serviced office and the largest cold storage facility in south east England. A philosophy of maximising income whilst exploiting planning/development angles over the medium term, has generated strong returns and outperformance.