Corporate Philosophy

Centurion’s performance : Total return ungeared

Centurion’s corporate philosophy is to seek out and revitalise underperforming property assets and to generate enhanced cash flows, thereby driving asset value.

We adopt a buy, fix and sell approach to underperforming UK real estate. We deliver superior returns by:
• Focusing on the asset’s key value drivers
• Engaging with tenants and satisfying their needs
• Enhancing the asset’s profile
• Identifying and realising development opportunities
• Benchmarking rents
• Benchmarking costs
• Managing risk and mitigating it where possible

We regard focused and incentivised asset management as the key to driving occupancy levels and sustaining and enhancing income. Together with a willingness to tackle complex issues, we regard our competitive advantage to lie in treating occupiers as business partners rather than as counterparties. Aggressive management of the asset, focused on income maximisation and tight control of the cost base lies at the heart of our asset management strategy.

Our management team has broad experience of managing all aspects of the development process in the retail, industrial and office sectors.